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Inspiration for Making and Doing



Anniversary Scavenger Make/do

(our version of a scavenger hunt)

Scavenger Make:Do.JPG




A little riff on a Scavenger Hunt because life’s weird and making and doing stuff is fun.


The Details:

Complete any 5 items on the list below, bring them in (the actual items, not photos) to show off and earn an entry for our Anniversary Gift Tote Giveaway ($150.00 value). 

Want to have more fun? Make/do more!

For every 5 items completed, earn an entry.

Complete 5 or more items and receive $5.00 off your purchase the day you show off your goodies.


Scavenger Hunt entries accepted 9/16 - 9/18 only, 1-4 pm, so plan accordingly! Ends 9/18!

Anniversary Giveaway announced 9/19 on Facebook and Instagram, so follow us!


The List:

  • Write a letter or card to someone, address and put a stamp on it.

  • Repurpose a paper grocery sack into something creative and fun.

  • Create a self-portrait (not a selfie!) - use any medium except photography.

  • Write or type out your favorite fall recipe for us to try - it just might get featured in an email - unless its salmon mousse, then, no.

  • Make an uplifting sign to post in a street facing window, yard, or flower pot of your home.

  • Make a purchase at another LOCALLY-owned shop between 9/4 & 9/10 - highlight the date on the receipt.

  • Write or type out your favorite poem to put in the October Poem Giveaway bowl.

  • Take a selfie at a Public Art piece. Go here to find your favorite.

  • Purchase a meal or snack from a LOCALLY-owned restaurant between 9/10 & 9/16 - highlight the date on the receipt.

  • Go for a walk - collect a natural treasure that you find - be conscientious! 

  • Paint a rock with a message or design to hide in your neighborhood or park.

  • Redecorate a space in your home - take one before and one after picture - bonus of two tasks completed if you include something from Found on 4th in the after picture.

  • Make a King, Queen or Jester of Quarantine Crown.

  • Find a stick shaped like a Y - attach a list to it of things you are going to say YES to for the remainder of 2020.

  • Sharpen up your whistling skills and whistle us a quick little tune.

  • Complete the sentence: “Love can …” on a slip of paper to share with us for a future display.

  • Make a list of three things you are proud of yourself for … all starting with the first letter of your first name.

  • Create an award for someone in your life, honoring them for something specific they have done that made your heart sing.

  • Wear a flower in your hair when you come to the shop with your goodies.

  • Donate a non-perishable food item(s) for Roadrunner Food Bank - we will deliver all items 9/30, so if you don’t want to do the Scavenger Make/Do, you can still help us help others!

Anniversary Giveaway.jpeg

Anniversary Giveaway, value $150.00 ... must be adventurous to win! (grin)

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