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Sailing Into the End of Summer

Watermelon Mint Mojitos

August always seems to simmer. Summer's winding down. The clouds have rolled in and the humidity has reached it's all time high. The flowers have started finishing their blooms and everything seems to be wilting. But, then there's the evening. Time for porch sitting (you do sit on your porch, right? if not, start.), waving at the neighbors as they walk by in the dimming light (you do wave at the neighbors, right? if not, start) and sipping a cool cocktail that uses up all the lushness in the garden - mint, watermelon (you do garden, right? if not, start, even if it's in a big ol' pot - soil is good for the soul). This is the way to sail into the last days of summer with a smile - relaxing, meeting new folx and putting a smile on their faces, and well, a little rum or something something in you glass.

Frozen Watermelon Mint Mojitos

1 pound (a scant 4 cups) watermelon in 1" cubes 1/2 cup fresh lime juice, from 2-3 limes 1-2 tablespoons granulated sugar 3 oz. white rum leaves from 1-2 sprigs of fresh mint, plus extra for garnish Throw watermelon cubes in a Ziploc bag or spread on a tray lined with parchment and place in freezer until frozen. When ready to make, add sugar to lime juice and stir to combine allowing sugar to dissolve. Place frozen watermelon, sweetened lime juice, and rum in blender and blend until thick but smooth. Add mint and pulse a few more times, so it is chopped but not pureed. Pour into two glasses - if you're fancy you can sugar the rims first with a dip in a little water and then in a plate of sugar - coarse turbinado looks pretty, but any will work. Finish with a sprig of mint. Enjoy. We used cognac glasses etched with ships, available in the shop, and they were the perfect vessel for sailing away to our imaginary beach on a summer evening - while waving to all the dog-walking neighbors.

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