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'Tis the Season

December is a time of celebration. The closing of the year, the opening of the winter season, religious celebrations - most prominantly Christmas and Chanukah. It is a time for family, for giving (and perhaps, forgiving), for friendships, for merrymaking, for reflection, for big love. It is also a time for some regret, some meloncholy, some stress. All of these ebb and flow throughout the month. And that is the wonder of life: these feelings and thoughts that move us along, connect us, make us realize, in some small or big way, the true meaning of why we are here.

In the midst of our personal journeys, being with others is a wonderful way to connect the power of our personal quests and discoveries. Creating beauty and giving gratitude is one way that joining together can increase the spirit of this time of year.

Found on 4th recognizes that this is a value we hold and want to offer to our community. We want to give back what is given to us.That is why we are offering events to fill the spirit, such as our Gratitudes Workshop, our Yelp Community Event (Dec. 6th, 3-5), and collecting cash donations for Roadrunner Food Bank (Dec. 5th and 6th). We hope you'll join us in celebrating and connecting, not just during this season, but across the year.

Our blessings to you and yours.

Heather, Karina and Linda

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