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Spring Cleaning

The light has shifted, the days are longer and the windows are open to breath new life into our living spaces. Now is the time to tuck away the heavy comforts of winter and sweep spaces clean, pare down and bring the vibrancy of nature in.

One of our favorite spring pastimes is heading outdoors to see the rebirth of spring. Spying new fledglings out and about, smelling the faint fragrance of tiny spring flowers wafting on the air, listening to the humming of insects busy gathering nectar and pollinating as they go - all of these sensual treasures reminding us of the vibrancy of life. And we collect as we go - heart-shaped rocks, dropped feathers, unusual twigs and branches. Lovingly we bring these treasures inside to fill our tables and shelves, bringing the vibrancy of spring into our homes.

Join us, won't you, in spring cleaning. Cleaning out the cobwebs of winter and replacing them with the buds of spring. Everything will feel fresh and renewed.

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