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To Love and Be Loved

If there is one thing that is true about this existence, it is that we are here to love and be loved. The rest seems to be an inexhaustible mystery, a dance of figuring out our individual and collective purpose. But to love and be loved, that is where we can all meet on common ground and know truth. It isn't always easy to love. But we persist in our efforts, because we know it's the one best thing we can do. Sometimes love is protective. It circles around that which is comfortable, known, understood. Sometimes love is expansive. It reaches out to the awkward, the unknown, the other. In a world that frequently calls us to believe in the stories of distrust, dislike, dis"ease", turning to love and sprinkling it around like happiness confetti is, indeed, the one best thing we can do, time and time again. Sprinkle love. It makes a difference.

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